Galaxy in Flames (The Horus Heresy): No. 3

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Galaxy in Flames (The Horus Heresy): No. 3

Galaxy in Flames (The Horus Heresy): No. 3

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I will show more of these projects in the coming weeks as well as delve more into the discussions and thoughts of the Horusy Heresy as book 8 gets released. However over the course of the three books things start to change, and I was quite impressed that other points of view on the topic appeared.

The book literally follows straight on from False Gods - Istvaan III has rebelled against the glorious illumination of the Imperium "those blighters" *shakes fist at them*. By using the Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.Still though these books are so much better than I had expected and the scope just keeps getting bigger and bigger and story more and more entertaining.

Having made a miraculous recovery from the grevious injuries he suffered on Davin, Warmaster Horus now leads the triumphant Imperial forces against the rebel world of Isstvan III. It seems most people were more perturbed by writing style of these piece, but I didn't mind this too much. If this had been a spin-off to the Istvaan III main book then I would have enjoyed it a lot more instead of it being the final volume in the opening of the Heresy.

Marked as traitors and held captive within the bowels of the Phalanx, the three legionaries were subjected to many long months of scrutiny and interrogation. The resulting cloud of debris hides Tarvitz from the fleet's sensors as he lands on Isstvan, Garro reporting that Tarvitz is dead before preparing to jump to the Warp and bring warning of Horus's betrayal to the Emperor. What you get is something that feels like a big jump in motivations from False Gods that isn’t fleshed out in Galaxy in Flames. There are also those who transition from non-believer to believer like Sindermann, as well as those who entertain the notion, but ultimately back away like Aruken.

Dan Abnett set the ball rolling with Horus Rising, and Graham McNeill followed with a disappointing False Gods. The last third of the book are not only full of horror and butchery but also sorrow (as many beloved characters are betrayed). Having recovered from his grievous injuries, Warmaster Horus leads the triumphant Imperial forces against the rebel world of Istvaan III.

Second read (12/26/21): I still feel like Horus's transformation from loyal son of the Emperor to diabolical villain was too fast. An unprecedented alliance between the Sons of Horus, Death Guard, World Eaters and Emperor' Children Legions seems more than capable of overwhelming the paltry mortal defences - indeed, such a display of force seems unneccesary? His gives a sense of the overall tactical situation of the battle but also emphasizes the dramatic moments. I suppose this was to be expected at some point in a series where every book is penned by a different author. This is a small point, but I liked how some characters who were fairly secondary at first have become more prominent as the plot progresses.

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